Palmstruck - The Spoiler

TC 27/01/2009

Rating: 3/5

I've been following this lot for a few years now and remain perturbed and disappointed that too few others have! They recently signed to Liverpool based Project Records and this five-track EP is their first official release.

Harking from Manchester places a responsibility on local bands to perform, albeit too often in mimicry of The Smiths or Stone Roses. Palmstruck furrow a different channel and they do it well.

The overall sound is somewhat ethereal; there's a swaying tranquil feel throughout most of their material but this gets broken up by stuttering bass lines and searing guitar strokes much akin to The Edge. The overall sound is clearly influenced by bands such as Elbow and mid-period Radiohead but the band do have their individuality and write material that's complex yet commercial enough to merit attention.

My favourite track here is a remake of old favourite “Piece To Camera One” which takes a simple structure, building from piano through to purposeful guitar/drums interplay and almost soulful vocals. “Nothing Matters, Ed” is a more upbeat piece lyrically targeting whoever Ed might be (clearly not a friend!). They will hopefully have a full album together real soon and I, for one, look forward to hearing it.