You Me At Six, Chiddy - Rescue Me

Craig Broad 26/02/2011

Rating: 1.5/5

After the success of their previous album, now is a very important time for You Me At Six, a time where they can shed that emotional radio friendly it isn't quite pop or punk or emo but it is clearly good at what it is, and create a sound more mature and original.

'Rescue Me' clearly isn't a track that is going to blow music critics heads back claiming about how much the band have grown. Yes it has the whole inclusion of the hip-hop/rap artist Chiddy (whoever the hell that is...) but every man and their dog is doing the same currently and has been for several years now, you only have to look at the Thirty Seconds To Mars demo version of 'Hurricane' to see the same technique used but with Kanye West, a more acclaimed and respected artist, so in many respects this collaboration comes across as half arsed and slightly playground in comparison.

Fans of the band will still like this though, it has everything that made You Me At Six so popular amongst younger girls, those emotive lyrics that even a broken hearted primary school student could make sense of sung in a way that if it gripped you before, it will still continue to tug at your heart strings. Musically it is very typical of the band as well, nothing new to report in that sense, it is alternative but not alternative enough to actually be challenging in any sense, it is mainstream, but not mainstream enough to make me vomit into my mouth like the likes of Take That have previously. All in all, it is very safe, and yet, disappointing from a band that are clearly talented enough to achieve more.

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