Grand Volume - History/Fire Come Soon

Paul Cook 03/10/2007

Rating: 2/5

'History' and 'Fire Come Soon' are the forthcoming singles from Manchester-based rock-trio Grand Volume. Aside from the obvious preference of making lots of noise, Grand Volume are a hybrid mix of rock styles; prog, alternative, indie and punk. Anyone would think this mixing of genres and styles would produce something either entirely new and interesting or just sound over-crowded and lost. Fact is, neither of these assumptions is the case. Instead, you find a rather unimaginative, typical rock sound and some unfortunately lack lustre vocals.

In 'Fire Come Soon' a few nice electronic guitar lines and some sufficient heavy drumming make this listenable but not convincing enough to purchase up and coming debut album 'Send Me Your Champion.' The lyrics are bland and sung with little passion and the overly heavy rock riff bumbles along with very little purpose.

'History', being the A-side, is a little more enjoyable with some inventive instrumentals that are crafted well and layered with intentional effect. However, the vocals and moreover the lyrics, become gradually irritating and the entire premise of repeating each line 3 or 4 times simply doesn't work. The brooding and ambitious power-riffs are overpowered by the needless saturation of vocals making the track, like its B-side companion, very unappealing. I think this band's real let-down is its inability to conform to at least one or two chosen genres and styles. When encompassing so many different styles of rock it is hard not to think 'I've heard this somewhere before.'

Released 12/11/2007