The Loves - The Ex-Gurlfriend EP

Neil Watts 12/01/2009

Rating: 3.5/5

It's a wonder that The Loves aren't some sort of cherished institution by now, eight years and countless members after their inception. Yet still they don't really fit in anywhere despite having always been on the radar. Their sound is also hard to definitively pigeonhole as they fall into a variety of throwback categories... 60s pop, 70s stoner rock, or 90s throwbacks. Though, it is in this timelessness where their charm lies. They are the outsider that everyone secretly likes. With this release they'll earn extra kudos because it is being given away as a free download, which is oh so modern of them considering their retro styling.

What's more in The Ex-Gurlfriend they have written an anti-love song, chronicling Simons hapless love life, which is definitely something that countless listeners can relate to. In spite of this they remain criminally unheard of. Though, a cynical mind might suggest that its release has come a month too early to be heard coming from many a singleton's stereo on Valentines Day, leaving you thinking that someone has missed a brilliant marketing opportunity. You get the impression that is just the way that The Loves like to operate.