Rufus Wainwright - Rules and Regulations

Dan Round 30/07/2007

Rating: 3/5

After a hefty number of years writing, releasing and touring the two excellent “Want” albums, it would have been easy to foresee Rufus Wainwright changing tact and direction, yet this, the second single from “Release the Stars”, is almost perfect continuation of “Want's” mellow pomp. Infact it would sit beside songs like “Little Sister” and “Harvester of Hearts” quite nicely.

“Rules and Regulations” has an understated introduction, typically building and soaring as the song progresses, with a brass filled chorus in which Rufus the crooner shows off his mighty range and vibrato.

Hum-able, catchy and camp, with Rufus' trademark vocal, “Rules and Regulations” is another solid single from everyone's favourite Canadian showman. Nothing particularly new or innovative, the song will not overexcite the Rufus loyalists but will probably do enough good to secure new fans and extend his growing commercial prowess.

Time for a bit of something different though, eh Rufus??

Watch the video here.

Release date: 30th July