Protocol - Where's The Pleasure?

Lauren McKettrick 23/01/2006

Rating: 4/5

Protocol have confidence, style, talent and experience (having already played live with several major bands including New Order, The Bravery and Hard-Fi) and they definitely have the music to match. As their lead singer John says, “We want to make pop music cool again” - and I think they just might be able to if they continue to make tunes this enticing.

Where's The Pleasure? combines light hearted pop genius with contrasting dark and rather depressing lyrics (“you killed me inside and you've left me here to die”) but to great effect. The bouncy guitars, bopping synths and light tinkering of drums carry this song with their high tempo upbeat infectious rhythms that slice through you the second the song begins. The vocals are exceptional and crystal clear and after one listen it feels like you can sing along to every word but it is only when you pay close attention that you realise what you are actually singing - how they manage this...I'll never know.

I think this definitely has the potential to become one of those songs that after one listen, doesn't leave your ears for weeks and no matter how much you listen to it, it feels like a new exciting experience every time. If Protocol carries on churning out this brand of pop magic, success is bound to come speeding their way