Travis - The Boy With No Name

Stas Werno 26/05/2007

Rating: 0/5

Despite vigorously scanning the album cover and promo sheet, I could find nothing that declared The Boy With No Name a "Greatest Hits" compilation or a re-release. This strikes me as incredibly odd, as I'm pretty sure they've made this record already. Several times.

The band can be credited with one thing - reinventing beige for our generation. Every track on the album is so irritatingly safe that listening to them makes you feel like you're trapped in your grandmothers living room, only devoid of windows, doors and furniture, whilst being forced fed Enya on a loop for months on end. In fact listening to Enya sounds like a much more pleasing prospect.

Maybe the US forces should consider purchasing a copy for their terrorist interrogations, it would most certainly do a lot more damage than Cradle of Filth.