Esser - Satisfied

Sel Bulut 01/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

'You know it's hard to please a woman, she'll put you on your knees and make you cry...' declares Esser on the opening lines to Satisfied. Oh yes, Esser, we know, oh how well we know indeed. He continues, 'And even when you say “I love you”, she's still not satisfied.' Poetry, truly.

...okay, perhaps it may not be particularly deep lyrically but thankfully Satisfied has enough style and groove to keep momentum going. It's an undeniably cool, piano-driven tune, wearing its reggae influences proudly (Claps! Tambourines! Steel drums! etc!) but pulled off with enough modern flair to keep it somewhat original. And although his London accent may be initially jarring, it doesn't grate, thankfully resting on the side of 'singing in his own voice' rather than the side of a Jamie T reminiscence, which can only be a good thing.

Esser has with Satisfied found his song most likely to cross over into the mainstream and although it's not on par with his last two releases, Satisfied is still a shining example of pop gone very right. It's so fiendishly addictive you can overlook the pants lyrics.

Release date: 17/11/08

Watch the video here.