Daedelus - Love To Make Music To

Alex Skinner 02/07/2008

Rating: 3/5

When you pick this album up for the first time the first thought is: 'Hmm, this looks interesting.' You would be correct in your first impression with a snappy album title and stylish illustration Daedelus is an interesting package.

Alfred Darlington is a true blue LA producer/ musician/ Victorian dandy whom you are a guest in a world of experimental fusion. Fusion is the element here. Alas, musical creativity amidst general technical tinkering of a musical wizard. Diverse and sometimes erratic, this busy album is varied and has much texture. You may question it may possibly be disjointed in areas?

'Love to make music to' is technically flawless being digitized and cleared of unwanted snap, crackle or pops. Track 1 'Fair weather friends' eases you into the action in an upbeat fashion fully loaded with claps and synths. The diversity of the albums direction grasps you, continually keeping you guessing. Track 3 ' Twist the Kids' shows what happens when vocals collide with wild beats in a subtle way. Change up a notch again we are hoisted into a hard hitting, chaotic synth/ beat box mesh of 'Hrs:Mins:Secs' the first single to be released.

The album isn't short of guest star appearances as there are six in total. Six? That's right six. Track 10 'You're the one' featuring Om'mas Keith is a favoured tune, easy going and playfully soothing.

An album that picks you up, slaps you about, hugs you, chills you out then angrys up the blood over the course of 55 minutes.

Tap into a creative homage to early rave culture, in a likeable playful way and you won't be disappointed… unless you have a headache or the wife/ husband is nagging you.