Imelda May - Psycho

Luke Fussell 05/08/2010

Rating: 4/5

For those who have never heard of her, Imelda May will spark little in the raised-eyebrow department. To many more, she is the incandescent incarnate of blues and rockabilly that has been lacking in the 21st century. Once seen, she is truly never forgotten: from the unmistakable punch behind her singing drawl, to the sole curl in her jet-black hair. Already a superstar in her hometown Dublin where her fantastic debut album Love Tattoo went Triple Platinum, May is hoping to continue the success with her new album Mayhem and its first single 'Psycho'.

Despite (somehow) still not being a huge mainstream force in the music world, Imelda May has shared the stage with U2, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and The Scissor Sisters. With 'Psycho' hitting the perfect combination of being extremely radio friendly whilst holding onto just enough blues and rockabilly, this could be the moment Imelda May finally, and rightfully, goes stellar.

'Psycho' shows a different side to Imelda May when compared to her previous outings. Love Tattoo conjured up images of smoke-filled and drink-soaked bars from a different century, with Imelda being the star act on stage. Songs like 'Johnny Got A Boom Boom' reflected this, with its' "Big Bass Notes" from a double-bass and skiffle-esc drums accompanied scintilating singing. 'Psycho' feels like a wholly different animal altogether, and embodies a feeling of PJ Harvey franticness and even a pinch of Karen O's singing range.

Despite some the musical changes in direction, fans will immediately recognise the watermarks of Imelda May and her band. The ever-present surf-guitar helps to bring the song along and reach a climax when it's needed. The track is fast-paced and relentless, with May coming in almost immediately. At just 2:35 it isn't exactly the War and Peace of music, but it does show that Imelda is capable of belting out much more contemporary tracks than many give her credit for. 'Psycho' feels a lot longer than it actually is, and wouldn't gain anything if it was lengthened. It's a perfect first single that will get lots of attention and airtime in order to promote the album it's on, which will undoubtedly contain more deeper, and longer tracks for those that desire it.

'Psycho' feels like a song that has been written to prove that in this day-and-age not all popular female singers need to cling onto a dodgy dance routine or create tracks with the aim of playtime in nightclubs. It's a proper pop song everyone can appreciate that doesn't rely on any gimmicks or big-names in order to sell units, and it's perfect for Imelda May at this current juncture.

Available now for digital download along with a limited edition 7" being available, 'Psycho' is a lightning-quick whirlwind of a song that will delight many, and possibly deflate some of Imelda May's fanbase. Either way, it's a very interesting change in direction whilst not forgetting her rockibilly roots. The perfect single to kick-start her mainstream recognition and to accompany your lazy summer days.

Release Date: Out Now