Benjy Ferree - In The Countnryside

Tim Miller 05/05/2007

Rating: 2/5

I'm going to make this review short, and write it in one take, because I can't quite take this single seriously and if I have to listen to it again from an objective point of view, I'm tempted, no, I am going to slaughter Mr Ferree. So, aside from having a unique name to point out, In the Countryside is fun, but raggedly produced, the verses have a bouncy bassline and make use of just two chords, sounding like the theme tune to a children's TV programme - the lyrics “Happy hands are in the air”, anyone? It's less in the countryside, more away with the fairies. The chorus, meanwhile, brings in a glockenspiel, an overly fuzzy electric guitar and cymbal crashes, stomping about like a street-performing one man band.

In fact, if anyone's heard that Leo Sayer song One Man Band, this is like a contemporary but not all that modern version of that. I'm pretty sure Leo Sayer wasn't being entirely serious with his song, and I'd be surprised if Benjy Ferree is with In the Countryside.

Released 30th April 2007