The Shake - The Shake EP

Lauren McKettrick 11/09/2005

Rating: 5/5

Even with just these 4 tracks, The Shake, have undoubtedly proven their ability to write amazingly catchy songs, each one just as infectious as the last. A whole album full of similar products would be a gift to the music scene as it stands today. Blending irresistibly psychedelic guitar and bass licks - in a kind of small faces/chameleons-esque way - they carry the songs along with the bip-bop charm that is the ever present piece of magic making it rather difficult to not love these songs immensely. The bumping and beating funky drums complimenting them perfectly and providing the thrust of energy and excitement in the choruses. All out-done by the strong, powerful and individual vocals of Faye - adding much to their appeal.

Troubled Scene is the funkiest of the 4 songs, with its punk out chorus and wonderful lyrics such as “everyone looks individual but all the same”! Loyal Union lays down those guitar riffs, a heavy eye opener of the influence The Jam have had on the band. All the songs, structured with their simple background riffs allow room for the impressive vocals to shine out in the verses, captured perfectly in All The Rage, which bounces along with its hand clapping rhythms and strutting guitars.

The Shake are definitely a band not to missed by any music lover, and are more than worth getting excited over. Their blend of retro, stylish, sleek, punk tunes; strung tightly and neatly together are the perfect concoction for a hit single/album, and proof that there is something quite special emerging.