Thin Films - Without This We Stand To Lose

George Bass 10/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

Dan McRae, the shred-head half of doublehard cinematic double-act Lien, has come back in from the cold with a dollop of stroppy electronica that might very well light up the white label scene like a box of Swan Vestas in a grain silo. Without This We Stand To Lose is four minutes of orchestrated big-screen mayhem that falls in somewhere between M83 throwing their toys out and a Sega fanfare for the end-of-level boss. Opening with a synth loop liberally slathered in analogue mystique, the track quickly bursts into a mesh of danger gauge organ chords, vocodered whispery bits and a drumbeat straight off a parade ground rave. The whole thing is as chunky as a skip full of Tonka Toys, and races along with the autopilot precision of the Hartnoll brothers being trusted with the keys to Francis Monkman's score for The Long Good Friday. If you're after something to march moodily through town to or feel like convincing your neighbour you've just had surround sound installed, give this one a bash.