Colour - Unicorns

James McDonald 09/03/2009

Rating: 4/5

Having threatened to do so for some time now, Colour have, this week, offered us a vital snap-shot of their young lives. Biding their time until they are comfortably harmonious in style and stance, 'Unicorns' is now a band coming of age. Its choruses are calculated without malice, tactfully memorable without being imposing. You'll hum them in the shower, murmur them on the bus, but always without that pause of realisation - the realisation that the media has attacked your subconscious once again and you have become a walking advert for Lily Allen. No friend, not this time. A myriad of delights, the track's 4 minute duration is positively brimming with invention. For those new to the band, the single balances all sides of their often schizophrenic sound. Powerful melody is interweaved amidst mind-numbing guitar complexity, making every listen a 'new' listen, as you latch onto parts you hadn't noticed previously. A gift that keeps on giving, perhaps.

And if that wasn't already enough for you, B-side 'Run Like You're Being Chased' is the reason his Holiness invented 3/4 timing.

With airs of Willy (Wonka), the release is limited to 300 pressings. Consequently, owning a copy would be much like having a golden ticket within your collection, albeit one tastier than wallpaper and far less hassle than having to deal with the Union of Umpa-Lumpas. This is indeed the radio friendly release the band have always promised, so I urge you to buy the single now before it gets the life cut out of it by an airwaves executive.