Matchsticks - Duvet

Dan Round 26/11/2006

Rating: 3/5

Matchstick's Duvet is an energetic pop song with the most retro of feels. Chugging disco bass, swiping effects and a catchy “what do you want/what do you need?” bridge, Duvet succeeds in grabbing the listener by the arms and shaking them into a raving frenzy of 80s dance meets 00s pop-rock. The gnarling vocals, too, provide dimension and contrast, making it a more than enjoyable song; a great follow-up to their first single. If you like shiny, synth-driven modernisation coated in a sharp outer shell of indie, this up-and-coming Club NME success are well worth a listen, and the delightfully discoed Duvet is a good place to start.

Release date: 27/11/06