My Brightest Diamond - From the Top of the World EP

Miss Fliss 29/08/2008

Rating: 1/5

Oh dear, it's the female Jeff Buckley and she can reach such high notes, my windows are starting to tingle. Musically, we have film noir atmospherics, kitten paw quiet bass, low-key brass and soaring strings on lead track From the Top of The World. It could be really beautiful, but I'm afraid the singer trembles her operatic screeching all over it to detrimental degree.

The rest of the EP howls away in French - Edith Piaf covers, apparently. It isn't sexy, it isn't even interesting background music for washing up. Maybe this all works in a concert situation, the visual aspect lending distraction (ie she isn't exactly an old truck to look at) from the dominant wails, but on record I'm not sure why anyone would want to put themselves through this sort of ordeal, I think even Jeff Buckley fans may bulk and turn away.