Jeffron - Dance

Thomas 10/10/2005

Rating: 2/5

One of the most moronic things any non-fan of a band or genre can say is “All the songs sound the same”. The statement usually implies a contemptuously lazy lack of understanding, and as a way to impress people it's along the same lines as showing that yes, you really CAN put your entire fist in your mouth. But now we come to the conundrum of 'Dance': how many slick R&B songs featuring the lines “I like the way you move” and “Shake it baby” are we to tolerate without being forced into saying, Will someone please stop the production line and give these poor clone songs minds of their own?

With the usual jazzy guitar, smooth layered vocals and cliché-filled lyrics, this is an acceptable genre offering but sadly very little more. Here's hoping that this is merely the attempt at a radio hit and that the clearly talented Jeffron's forthcoming album is full of more interesting and diverse material.