And What Will Be Left Of Them?, Brontosaurus Chorus - Come With Me/The Myth Of Love

Neil Watts 16/11/2007

Rating: 4/5

The A-side of this luminous pink slab of plastic finds Worcester's And What Will Be Left Of Them? in typically lairy clatterpop mood. 'Come With Me' actually appears to be pogo-ing itself into a frenzy until it finally explodes with drunken dizziness in between your ears. If this gives a hint to the raucous nature of their live performances then 'Look In Your Eye' finally sees them translating their raw live energy onto record. They constantly teeter on the edge of collapse, but manage to hold everything together in a rasping shambles and refuse to touch that three-minute mark, which can only make them more loveable.

London's Brontosaurus Chorus are purveyors of Technicolor dream pop. They come off not unlike a less mental Los Campesinos jumping around with Arcade Fire's bubblegum pop playing cousins in a parallel universe. The Myth of Love's boy-meets-girl-then-girl-doesn't-like-boy theme drips with aural sweetness. Yet, these recordings don't do them full justice. On stage they are much more than what they appear here; a version of The Go! Team who don't rely on samples.

Released: 15/10/07