Cass Fox - Touch Me

Sam Floy 31/10/2006

Rating: 2/5

'Touch Me' is the re-released single, soon to be hitting the stores, by Cass Fox after its huge success back in 2001 reaching UK number 1 co-written with DJ Rui Da Silva. She is hoping to bring back her former glory with the same song, only, five years later.

A sinister intro to the song creates a tense atmosphere, especially when Cass tells you to “touch me in the morning”. The songs progresses with a subtle beat and when the violins start you begin to be optimistic that it will soon explode into a class dance track. However, the music doesn't change too much throughout, but for a few disappointing computer generated melodies, which is a great shame for the ambitious Fox who is obviously exploring different techniques of her musical ability.

The track does have merits though, the vocals are very sound and the intro is not bad but to be able to listen all the way through without skipping to the next track shows a commendable amount of patience. Cass Fox clearly has a lot more potential to give us as a more soulful singer but this sedative song holds her back from fulfilment and showing what she is really capable of.

I would say that this is a track that you might find on a slightly chill-out compilation to have in the background at a party, but it is not going to prick any ears, or catch anyone's attention because it just doesn't have the cutting edge that the original had.

Bit of a disappointment for the clearly talented and competent Cass Fox then.