Gods of Blitz - The Rising

Tim Miller 27/07/2006

Rating: 4/5

Ignore the name (it probably sounds better in their native language), and resist the temptation to imagine this song sounding like Lordi. And for god's sake don't mention the war. Gods of Blitz are the hottest, heaviest property to come from Germany, touted as the breakthrough rock act to rival their successful European rivals; Sweden's The Hives and Finland's HIM (well….), having toured recently with Maximo Park.

Gods of Blitz make music like their name suggests, pounding drums and thundering heavy metal chords. But behind it all are well-crafted and well-realised ideas, from the catchy opening riff to the spiky, QOTSA style verses and the wailing chorus harmonies. With vocals in a style akin to Dave Grohl, The Rising is, unashamedly, about clandestine liaisons in the night time: I fear the dawn, the rising sun /when morning comes the race is run. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to find they were talking from personal experience.

The Rising, taken from their album Stolen Horse, is backed up here by a quite brilliant live version of my favourite Blondie song - result! - Hanging on the Telephone. Live, Gods of Blitz sound like they do in the studio, having fun and creating heavy rock to dance, sing and clap along to. By quite some margin the best German export to reach my ears in a long time, Gods of Blitz will be invading the UK music circuit later this year to pound anyone who'll listen into submission to their all powerful reign.

'The Rising' is released on the 21st of August on Four Music.

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