Montana - Starsign: Tarantula

Bruce Turnbull 22/01/2007

Rating: 4/5

Thankfully, Sydney based garage rockers Montana have created an album more interesting and compelling than its crude, unprofessional artwork. Having previously featured songs in both the cinema and on the small screen (Drive Me Crazy, Tripping Over) Montana are certainly no stranger to exposure, and without a doubt, their second full length “Starsign: Tarantula” will only elevate them towards higher plateaus of public acceptance. Like Pizza Hut's buffet table, there is something for everyone here. Opener “Good Goes Bad” is one of the catchiest tracks the garage underground has produced this year, and fortunately, the production doesn't embody the acoustics of the genre's moniker, being rather slick and in fact, major label worthy. “Wait” and “Blondes Against Brunettes” cover the customary tales of heartbreak, and as trite as the subject matter is, that and the jangly guitars go together like fists and plasterboard.

Paul Scott's honey-glazed vocals are the catalyst that sparks the musical exuberance throughout. Melody wise, this album couldn't be smoother or more attention grabbing; the honestly brutal “MTV” being an undisputed contender for chart success, if it were to be released.

A particular reference point here would be Weezer, specifically the early releases, and along with the geeky flange of social conformity would be the apathetic sting of bands like Supergrass, which leaves a pleasant, satisfying taste in your mouth. There are an abundance of summer party anthems here, which perfectly soak up the So-Cal Spring Break atmosphere, even if it is as dry as a bucket of the sand that surrounds them.

Montana are on to a winner here, and as easy to digest as those first four squares of chocolate, “Starsign: Tarantula” is a feast of melodic wonder that's equally as sweet and indulging.

(Released 29th January)