Foxes! - Who Killed Rob?

Owain Paciuszko 14/06/2009

Rating: 4/5

Fellow Brightonians Foxes! unleash this single in advance of their debut album Boxes. Who Killed Rob? balances arch, wry lyrics with a catchy melody, all squeaks and squawks over twee-indie disco beats. Telling the tale of a bicycle accident, leading to a coma, leading to parents having bought a new pet dog; the song cannily weaves its story into an entertainingly structured and surprising composition. Ending with something but dreamily wistful and toe-tappingly danceable.

B-side Bunny Rabbits (Chip and Dale) springboards off a dream-pop rock-n-roll rhythem and female vocals, before throwing in a retro Casio beat. It's as strong a song as the lead track, filled with energy and fun. Albania has a janglier sound, that's probably as sombre as Foxes! get, again it's a well crafted and catchy number that continues to promise the very heights of 'infectious' come their debut album.