The Devil’s Conspiracy - Live or Lie

Miss Fliss 21/09/2009

Rating: 4/5

The Devil's Conspiracy's debut single cuts to the chase with an intro as instant as The Pixies' Debaser, with scissor kick guitars and drums that clunk with all the aplomb of early Therapy? singles. Without looking them up, I'd assume they are a bunch of teenage upstarts from America, but their Myspace reveals they are native to Portsmouth. Disregard the heavy American rock singing accent posed, since it's the music that carries the volume. Live or Lie aspires to be as anthemic as their heroes NOFX or Blink 182, and it makes for addictive listening. You can tell the band give music all their energy and are committed to their cause. It's music by teenagers for teenagers, nonetheless has the maturity and substance to inspire adult approbation.

The Devil's Conspiracy Myspace