The Butterfly - The Duke

Charlie Southwell 05/02/2007

Rating: 4/5

The Butterfly is the band, The Duke the single, Leeds is their home. Sounding similar to the Kaisers, yet with undertones lending towards what would happen if System Of A Down decided to release the ultimate pop song. With such anthemic powers this is a fantastic single, with punchy offbeat hi-hat rhythms dominating the superb mix. Vocals reminisce of Franz's first single but yielding stronger and more confident results with powerful wailing backing vox. This song sounds like a giant megalomaniac robot crunching upon gasoline crisp appetisers, before its stuffed-juggernaut and trailer main meal of, well, a well timed perfectly oiled giant robot…

…fast, hard and full of energy, The Butterfly is an exciting act to look out for later this year. A huge sense of humour and fun emanates from this band and with a highly acclaimed live performance they can only build upon their growing fan-base.

B-side Side 'Algiers' is crazier, looser, and probably more what this band is about live. Chant-worthy 'I wouldn't feel a thing' is bound to be a huge crowd pleaser. Also includes a massive remix tune by the incredible Talk Less Say More.