The Kabeedies - Lovers Ought To

Simon Jay Catling 01/05/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Straight out of the Norwichcore scene, apparently, come The Kabeedies; a group of young rapscallions whose ages range between sixteen and eighteen years old and who appear to have quite a pleasing penchant for producing the kind of inoffensive summery two minute pop songs that are very much enjoyed around this time of year.

Lead track Lovers Ought To is easily the standout track here, moving jauntily along whilst male and female vocals swap back and forth with the vibe of a more chilled out Los Campesinos!, before coming together in a sharp, punchy harmonious chorus. It certainly doesn't set the world alight but it does do exactly what's required of it; provide immediacy, energy and a damn good foot stomp within a short period of time. Second track Mythical Beast opens with a rather cheesy bluesy rock n'roll piano slide before jangling its way through a repetitive 'we are all beasts, we know everything' chorus which admittedly leaves you going 'huh?' but is undeniably catchy if somewhat unimaginative. The ridiculously short 90 second piece of filler that finishes off the group's debut single pretty much sounds like most other high school bands of their ilk. This is a shame because from the opening two tracks it's clear that the four piece have a knack for writing catchy hook laden pop songs that belie they're years. If you're after anything innovative here you'll be disappointed, but if, like me, you've finished University/work early and enjoyed a gloriously sunny evening outside then this band are the soundtrack to it. A surprising success.