Oasis - Let There Be Love

Emily Tartanella 28/11/2005

Rating: 2/5

Some would say that calling Oasis derivative is like shooting fish in a barrel. Well, then this review is an AK-47 and “Let There Be Love” is a big, stinking mackerel.

It's by-the-numbers, by-the-book Beatles-pastiche, pleasant enough I guess, but when did “pleasant” become okay for a rock song? Rock should be at the least moving, if it won't shake the world it should still shake your hips. Instead Oasis are a band stuck in the past, churning out the same trad-rock they started over a decade ago. Today they're are a walking joke, either undergoing serious denial or genuinely convinced that they still represent the paradigm of cool. But after all, Oasis were at best a conceit. They scrap, they feud, they sound like the best of British rock put in a blender, ain't it grand? Most importantly they remembered to make catchy, epic pop tunes seemingly built for stadiums. Of course, in that respect they laid the ground for Coldplay and Snow Patrol but that was unintentional. But how long can you replicate “Live Forever?”

Well it's been wearing thin for some years now, and this latest single from the “return to form” Don't Believe the Truth isn't going to make things any better. “Let There Be Love” somehow sounds identical to the entire album Let it Be, and simply hangs around until it limps away from the stereo. Featuring Liam in fine “ballad” form, seemingly built for the word “soaring,” and with traditionally inane lyrics, “Let There Be Love” inspires nothing but a cool apathy.