Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

Mike Mantin 28/07/2006

Rating: 2/5

Snow Patrol get too much hate. Thrown into the post-Coldplay MOR punching bag immediately after success, it's often forgotten that 2003's 'Final Straw', recorded while they were still confined to the toilet circuit, was successful for a reason: because it was good. Released on a small label, early admirers took to its scruffy charm and lyrical themes (before it became overplayed into submission). Unfortunately, on the evidence of this insultingly dull single, the gruelling touring schedule which followed has taken its toll on the band's creativity. Clearly influenced by the pressure to remain one of the five CDs bought this year by the Mondeo brigade, 'Chasing Cars' is bland from start to finish. An attempt to recreate the magic of the superior 'Run', its generic and cold lyrics and predictable build-up scream "autopilot" and instead of weaving its way into your heart like anything on 'Final Straw', it simply passes by like any other of the inferior Coldplay apers. Perhaps it would seem better in the middle of a field with lighters aloft, but on record this is a talented and unfairly maligned band on autopilot. They probably know they can do better.