Feist - 1234

Jorge Costa 15/10/2007

Rating: 4.5/5

Following on from the sexy and sophisticated 'My Moon, My Man', '1234' is the second single from 'The Reminder' and it proves to be one of Feist's most playful cuts. A simply plucked banjo and Feist's warm vocals quietly join in with the introductory acoustic guitar before a whirlwind of trumpets and strings and handclaps send shivers of joy up and down your spine. The last minute is wonderfully exuberant, Feist's vocals are lovingly emotive and when her childlike delivery cracks tenderly as she sings “Those teenage hopes who have tears in their eyes”, all you can do is melt.

Watch the video here.

Re-released: 15/10/10

Released on the 23rd July.