The Horrors - Whole New Way

Laura Prior 09/10/2009

Rating: 3/5

Ah, The Horrors. They're so posh their noses could knock over the London Eye, they talk like Prince Charles and on paper, not to mention asthetically, look impossible not to want to knock out. Yet, this year, they've inexplicably grown into one of the best bands in the UK. Just don't watch videos of them talking on YouTube. You'll go back to wanting to kick them in the nuts.

Now the hype of great, Mercury-nominated LP Primary Colours has fizzled out, comes new single 'Whole New Way'. After the delerious spate of understated singles like 'Mirror's Image', 'Who Can Say' and the stupendous, ethereal masterpiece 'Sea Within a Sea', this is just a bit flat.

No amount of space noises, pasted-on fuzz and elongated bursts of between-chorus noodling can disguise this as a tarted-up, Japan-only extra The Jesus and Mary Chain themselves would've scoffed at for sounding too much like Joy Division. One can never have too much euphoric, Arcade Fire-lite new wave in your life, though. It's OK, but to describe it as a whole new way would most certainly be pushing its luck.