Queens of the Stoneage - Sicksicksick

Robert Macpherson 08/05/2007

Rating: 3/5

There is a point in a musician's life when they reach a fork in the road and a choice between continuing the path they are on, or making a musical departure to pastures new. This is especially true of musicians who have such a vast amount of creative authority over the bands they inhabit that they transcend member status, their name becoming notoriously synonymous with the band's own moniker. Josh Homme reached this junction many years ago and ploughed his ten-tonne desert rock truck right over the stop sign.

'Sick Sick Sick', the first track released from upcoming studio album 'Era Vulgaris', would not have been out of place on QOTSA's decade-old self-titled debut. Homme wastes no time in letting us know that he hasn't gone all 'Kid A' on us. The guitars cough up phlegm all over your stereo, grunting a rhythm so sleazy it may as well be humping your leg. The track may be plain, but the incessant groove is infectious, and lures you into QOTSA's sordid cave.

It may feature a synth guitar, it may feature Julian Casablancas on vocals, Josh may have even changed his name in the linear notes to 'Joshua', but make no mistake this track is three minutes and thirty seven seconds of complete Queens of the Stone Age, in all their seedy glory.

Release Date: 08/05/2007

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