Jim Moray - My Sweet Rose

James McDonald 01/05/2006

Rating: 4/5

"Nu-folk" is a term which is scarcely found is most music-type's vocabularies- which is unsurprising, considering as these days everything is either "indie" or "shit". Step up Jim Moray, who's fighting the corner of this overlooked genre, and winning.

"My Sweet Rose" is the first single from 24 year-old Moray's second, self-titled album, the follow up to 2003's "Sweet England", which managed to bag him the prestigious BBC Folk Album Of The Year award. So, no pressure here then? Well, evidentially not, for this 7 minute masterpiece is a perfect example of this young man's talents. The piece is hallmarked by Moray's haunting vocals, which are backed by stunning orchestral melodies throughout. As you lose yourself in this vivid tale of lost love and longing, lyrics such as "If I Can't Have You, No One Can Have You" echo through your ears and play on your heart.

You really have to admire the achievements of this singer, instrumentalist, arranger and producer- a one man revolution. "My Sweet Rose" must surely be the song which excels Jim Moray into superstardom.