Rating: 2/5

Three backpackers in Amsterdam are told of a hostel in Eastern Europe where the women are all incredibly hot and have a taste for American men. When they get there, everything is too good to be true, the hostel is to die for.

“Hey Quentin, it's me your best friend Eli Roth.”

“Hey Eli Roth, I was just thinking of how great Cabin Fever is.”

“Yes it is Quentin. Look I've been thinking, with all the recent hype around that rather grotesque film Saw II and the visceral Hills Have Eyes remake and of course my great film Cabin Fever behind me, maybe I should cash in on the trend and make another horror?”

“That's such a good idea, you should make it really extreme, sexually transgressive and downright offensive… and put my name on the poster too, we can keep repeating it like the cockshots in Fight Club, then people will think it's my film.”

“You would do that for me Quentin? You're a legend… Well my idea is… you remember our trip to Holland together?”

“Amsterdam, how could I forget?”

“Well, remember the pimp-daddy we met that looked like a female Tom Cruise?”
“How can I forget, we spent the whole night…”

“Anyway Quentin, you remember when he said we could pay to do anything… What if we could pay to maim, torture and mutilate a human being?”

“That is cool Eli, über-cool.”