The Brighton Port Authority, Emmy the Great - Seattle

Ash Akhtar 25/11/2008

Rating: 3.5/5

Brighton Port Authority's latest offering features guest vocals provided by the perfectly named Emmy the Great. Well chosen, chaps. Without wishing to come across the sycophant, this lazy, hazy, broken song is sodden with the warmth and charm of Emmy's wonderfully pronounced lyrics gleefully matching the unhurried pace of the song.

Though the content may seem American, Seattle is an undeniably British piece of romantic song writing and, perhaps does more for the reputation of the guest vocalist than BPA (though Fatboy Slim doesn't need more praise).

The single suffers from the two bundled remixes which come in the form of an incongruous, intelligent drum n' bass remix courtesy of Brookes Brothers and another incoherent offering from Azzido da bass. Astonishing really, considering the amplitude of the original material.

Release date: 24/11/08