Imicus - Imicus EP

Russ Essom 25/12/2006

Rating: 1/5

Contrary to what you might assume, Imicus are not an Incubus tribute band. They are, in all honesty, something pretty damn far from it.

They have a seriously heavy aura, though the smooth vocals give a grungier, almost 'HIM'-esque feel.

Whilst the drumming and guitar work on tracks 2 and 4, 'An Isolation Dawn' and 'Demise of an Angel' are especially masterful, there is a stock feel to this CD, pretty much just your standard garage metal band who might succeed with, say, one track (probably 'An Isolation Dawn' in this case), much in the same vein as stars such as Soil and Disturbed have, both of whom share Imicus' dark sombreness.