Blakfish - If The Good Lord Had Intended Us To Walk He Wouldn’t Of Invented Rollerskates

TC 06/08/2009

Rating: 2.5/5

Yes, it's a ludicrously long song title that, as far as I can tell, bears no relation to the song itself and therefore pre-empts concerns of a Panic At The Disco pastiche. Well there is a leaning towards the troubled waters of emo here but, with that particular tag now bearing a bitter aftertaste, these guys choose to state that they fall somewhere between punk and indie.

It's a simple song and commercial enough to gain attention, but one can't help but feel they are just in with the bucketful of popped up punk revivalists, sprouting up all over the place at the moment - they haven't even got any girls in the band for fucksakes! In its harder moments, there's more of an earthy grunginess about it, but the whole thing seems to dart by without leaving too strong an impression.

The backup track however, is a rather good version of Kings Of Leon's “Charmer”. It takes the urban feel of the original and adds a bit more punch, with vocals that Charlie Harper could well be spurting. The debut album “Champion” is due out on 10th August and I guess there needs to be more meat on that to provide anything of substance. They follow the release with an intensive seven-week tour, which should shake a few trees but I can't see the name Blakfish being touted around in too many year-end listings - attempting to fall between two stones can be a misguided notion and fall I fear they will.