Moscow Drive - Colossal

Chris Tapley 06/11/2009

Rating: 0.5/5

Moscow Drive are another band riding in on the tail end of the lad rock fad we've had to endure over the last couple of years. Like most of those other acts they combine desperate clawing for popularity with spouting faux balladry targeted at the working man, with added shouty choruses and banal lyrics. Nuggets of lyrical wisdom such as “If you can't appreciate what you've got, you better get what you can appreciate” might be less groan inducing if they weren't espoused in such transparently 'earnest' tones. Giving the impression that they actual think these lyrics may be considered profound or resonant; they couldn't be further from either qualities.

B-Side Cincinnati is vaguely more tolerable, if only because it succeeds in being so bland that it can fade completely in to the background. This is mainly because the band has somehow managed to restrain themselves from shoehorning in a 'massive chorus'. It speaks volumes that this is the only thing of interest to be said for the track.

Even the most passive of music fans must surely be growing tired of nonsense like this by now? This sounds to me like the twitching corpse of lad rock, sadly still far too obnoxious and graceless to slip quietly in to death. Over the course of just two songs Moscow Drive have managed to convince me that they are a band completely devoid of any notable originality, creativity or talent. The artwork is quite nice though.