The Velvet Orchestra, Solus Locus - Salt The Wound - Split Single

Sabrina Gladstone 24/07/2008

Rating: 2/5

On June 13th an independent record label, Salt the Wound, released a 7” split single with two songs by the Velvet Orchestra and one song by Solus Locus.

The two songs by the Velvet Orchestra sound exactly the same. In both there is no decipherable riff, or lyrics for that matter. The first song is called “The Creator”. The song was altogether not that good and did not help to showcase the band's musical talents. The second song, “These Children are the Future”, was very similar to the first. There was too much of the same, constant sound, but if Velvet Orchestra were to fine-tune their songs and lose some of the excess sound, they could produce a fine record. But, to Velvet Orchestra's credit, I have never heard anything like that. At least they were original in some way, which is more than I can say for a lot of the bands that are currently topping the charts.

The song by Solus Locus, entitled “We Can Go Home”, has two major elements; the synthesizer and the drums. I must say that the drummer is quite good. The song in itself, however, is not very exciting. The wholly instrumental piece maintains the same sound throughout the entire song. Solus Locus needs to apply a little variation. But, the song does showcase some of their musical talents. So, with some more imagination and innovation, they could make a successful record.