Kill it Kid - Send Me an Angel Down

Rhian Daly 16/04/2009

Rating: 3/5

With a name like Kill it Kid, you might be expecting some You Me at Six-esque emo punk pop. eye-covering fringes and chipped black nail polish. Truth is, you couldn't be further from the mark. Send Me an Angel Down is full of luscious strings, whilst vocalist Chris Turpin tugs at your heart strings perfectly with his deep and distinctive slur. Towards the end, it starts to end more of the presumed emo influence in with distorted guitars and the like, but soon heads back to the soft but powerful approach that works so well.

B-side Date it the Day is a more lo-fi version of the track proceeding it, but showcasing Stephanie Ward's extraordinary vocal talents more than its sibling. Whilst this is a positive of the song, it does also tend to veer off into melodramatic strings that end up sounding like they're taking over the whole thing. With a little more control on that pesky violin though, Kill it Kid could be big news.