Rose Elinor Dougall - Start/Stop/Synchro

Miss Fliss 19/06/2009

Rating: 3/5

This single speeds along in the flash of a sparkle, and glimmers with its shimmy too. We'll disregard the Pipettes connections, skirt around (no pun intended) my disdain for those dotty dress wearers, and enjoy this song for its musical merits. It begs for repeat listening, delicious and crisp in its pop seduction as it is. Despite me disliking Rose Elinor Dougall's voice (will the Lily Allen/Kate Nash knock on affect of rounded vowel, bordering on Cockney, spoken-sung vocals show no signs of slowing down? It's evident in the efforts of far too many female solo artists in this era), there's something elegant and swish about Start/Stop/Synchro. It's damned hard not to get caught up in its pretty swirl.

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