Plan B - No Good

Kev Eddy 19/02/2007

Rating: 3/5

Aha - I see your plan A, Plan B.

I have deduced that your devious plot to crack the Top 40 goes like this. You will build upon the faithful following you've amassed with your hard-East-End-boy-meets-acoustic-guitar-and-beats-and-uses-them-to-tell-gritty-tales-of urban-life persona. Once they're hooked by the pounding rhythm and vicious violence, you'll then DROP the BOMB. Yes, you'll use that refrain made famous by The Prodigy's own classic entitled No Good to pull in the rave/nu-rave generations!

It's so obvious. So cunning. So very, very cynical. I should strike you down now where you stand, you villain! But I am merciful. The simple fact that your evil plan has produced a rather good little tune is enough to stay my hand…this time. Next time, I may not be so gracious. Now go.

Wait! What's that? You've got 'no! A hard house remix' on the B side?? NO! you did have a Plan B all along! AAAAAAAAAAGGHHH!