Bill Bailey - Dandelion Mind DVD

Joe Coyle 25/11/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

After the huge success of his last venture “Remarkable Guide To Orchestra”, Bill returns to what he does best with his show Dandelion Mind.

Based on the theme of doubt (or is it!). Bill examines the ridiculous and eccentric parts of British life complete with musical interludes.

Dandelion Mind is more satirical than most of Bill's older material, some of which is rehashed her to no detriment. Older fans need not panic as the show is still filled with lots of whimsy.
This slight retread into former glories results in some of Bill's sharpest comedy for years.

Bill bounds from skit to skit with consummate ease. Taking us to depths of comedy that many can only dream to reach. Dandelion Mind is a show that dazzles your senses visually, audibly and tickles your funny bone like that of an eccentric uncle at a family party.

The songs, whilst not as verbose and intricate as say Tim Minchin, extend the feel good factor even more. The Johnny Rotten and Kraftwerk inspired tunes raise more than a smile and are testimony to his all ranging musical abilities.

Bailey with his trademark scruffy appearance is always playful, feel good and endlessly re-watchable. He deserves his spot as one of Britain's best comedians and this DVD is possibly his most satisfying so far eclipsing my previous favourite 'Part Troll'.