Henry Rollins, Emo Phillips, Josie Long, Daniel Ward, Alexei Sayle - Edinburgh Fringe Hitlist 2010

Alex Skinner 16/07/2010

Right then. Here it is. My list of recommended stuff to see for The Fringe Festival 2010 Do as you wish, be adventurous BUT stay away from student productions.

You MUST see Henry Rollins Spoken Word. It is life changing delivered by a legendary figure!

Emo Phillips is another living legend well worth catching, as is Alexei Sayle and to a lesser extent Micheal Winslow.

I highly recommend go out to find shows headed by this list of top performers; Josie Long, Daniel Ward, Will Smith, Alex Horne, Alun Cochrane, Andrew Lawrence, Lewis Schaffer and Tienan Douieb.

The majesty and grace of David O'Doherty, Jim Jefferies, Rich Fulcher, Arj Barker, Brendan Burns, Greg Davies, Miles Jupp, Kevin Eldon, Seymour Mace, Pete Johansen and Alun

Risking some risk with risk takers; Sadie Hasler, Sara Pascoe, Alex HorneTony Law, Carl Donnelly, Celia Puquola, Tommy Tiernan, Jared Christmas, Hans Teeuwen, Henning Wehn, Paul Foot and Wil Hodgson are always worth a punt.

Special picks for me are Carey Marx, Arj Barker, Brendan Burns, Idiots of Ants, Michael Redmont, Stuart Lee, Glenn Wool and Ivan Brackenbury if possible.

Intrigue and other section points me in the direction of American Pie's own hot mother (Milf) Jennifer Coolidge. Who knows what that will bring? Another act on my radar is a Norwiegen comedy gent named Dag Soras, purely instinct and curiosity may allow to take a chance. Giles Brandreth tries his countdown hand at comedy too so that is a mystery.

Playing it safe for a show with minimal of risk is this: Jimmy Carr. Yes it is a big show, but Jimmy never fails to disappoint.

A show with a little difference that has to be; Ginger and Black, Comedy Countdown, Frisky and McNish, Maxwell's Fullmooners, Idiots of Ants, Pajama Men, Pappy's, The Unbelievable Truth, One Man Lord Of The Rings and recommended The Penny Dreadfulls.

Off the beaten track The Free Fringe is always worth a try as you never know what you will get and is always nice to give a performer a try. Well worth it if you have an hour to kill!