The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema

Mike Mantin 03/08/2005

Rating: 4/5

This Canadian power-pop supergroup has been getting better with each album and 'Twin Cinema' is no exception. All the soon-to-be-classic tunes are here (as you'd expect) but this time it's a more adventurous affair, with some darker and stranger elements emerging behind the sugary pop production. 'Jackie, Dressed In Cobras', for example contains some odd subject matter sung in a bizarre, lispy accent. But most importantly, the tunes, the riffs and the harmonies have been improved yet again, with the title track and 'Sing Me Spanish Techno', a punishment for someone who's been “listening too long to one song”. Their softer side is also becoming more nourished, most noticeably on the delicate Neko Case-sung ballad 'These Are The Fables'. Their finest collection yet.