The Horn The Hunt - Raptor

Mike Hughes 18/10/2010

Rating: 4.5/5

I grabbed a load of new music when I was at home to listen to later, got through some of it, stuck the rest on the iPod, got bored, put it on shuffle, and then had a massive double take. What's that really familiar and favourite tune of mine that's just shuffled on stage left, can't quite place it? By heck, that IS good! What? It's The Horn The Hunt's new single 'Raptor' and I've only heard it once before? Yup, it's got that sudden unexpected familiarity that marks out the ones that are going to worm their way in no matter how you try to neglect them.

I don't know if it's just Zola Jesus trying to convince us that female voiced brooding goth-iness is having some sort of resurgence. Personally, I'm not convinced it has ever been away. To jump into this particular bit of crowded water then must take a bit of confidence, as you've got to stand out. This Leeds-based band has managed to make themselves heard courtesy of a hypnotising bassline that half the time is played like a lead. Harness that to snaking, slithering synths, and handclaps - I'd been wondering what 'swampy' meant and all of a sudden I get it. Did I mention the vocal? This comes from one half of the duo by the name of Clare Carter and has such huge range that you could be convinced there is someone else lurking in there. This is impressive stuff - the voice, the production, the whole ensemble. I've got to stop playing it before I wear it out.

As for being Leeds-based, the duo (the other half is Joseph Osborne) have plenty of other influences to throw in there courtesy of lengthy stays in Greenland (months of darkness), Norway, Spain and Holland before returning to Northern England to get it all in the can.

They've been labeled as Witch House. Sure, they have that slowed down growling vibe. I hate to categorise. I just know that I like it more than most things I've heard this year.

'Raptor' is the first single to be taken from their second album 'Depressur Jolie' - due for release early next year. I can't wait.

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