Alphabeat - Fantastic 6

Matt Churchill 04/10/2007

Rating: 3.5/5

Quirky, Danish electro-pop borrowing from the likes of CSS and The Go-Team, who could ask for more? Alphabeat are treading the same boards as their English counterparts, with catchy 80's/00's pop-tastic sing-along choruses and musical hooks.

'Fantastic 6' is the first single to be released by the sextet and is sure to be a cult classic. With a vocal harmonies that sound like the Jackson 5 and disco-inferno music, the track is extremely easy to listen to, over and over and over again. The band know their market and are looking to take it by the horns,

Alphabeat should be invited into everybody's homes for a huge party so we can all dance the night away. It is slightly cheesy, and Radiohead fans should probably avoid, but that is what the indie-dance-pop phenomenon is all about: having a good time, boogying to songs that are just on the right side of credible.

Single Release 12/11/2007