Lovvers - OCD Go Go Go Girls

Rhian Daly 17/08/2009

Rating: 4/5

Strobe lights flash. Dry ice chokes in the back of your throat. Countless beads of sweat glide down your forehead, arms, back... A throng of giddy music lovers pushes you forward then back then side to side. The hum of feedback and distortion will leave you with a distant ringing in your ears for days but who cares? This is worth it, so worth it.

Then the record comes to a stop and you're thrown back to reality, not in some dingy club but on the bed you threw yourself onto after hitting play. There's still the rush of adrenaline coursing through your body, just enough for you to drag yourself back to the stereo and start the cycle all over again. No exaggeration, Lovvers' debut album really is this exciting.

Whilst OCD Go Go Go Girls isn't exactly the most original of records, wearing its Replacements et al influences on its sleeve, its still got more than enough punk thrills to prevent anyone really giving too much of a damn about that. Thats not to suggest its one quick 3-power-chords-plus-distortion potted homage of an album, far from it. There's some variety in its 33 and a half minute run time, ranging from the fuzzy abrasive edge of Four Count to the comparatively soft Golden Bars Blue. Even on the latter you still can't make out a word that falls from Shaun Hencher's mouth. But its all part of the mystery isn't it? Part of the great essentially undefinable thing that makes Lovvers so breathtakingly crucial. What they've created on OCD Go Go Go Girls is the sound of escapism and fun, youthful and untainted by the darkness of the outside world.