Charlotte Hatherley - Siberia

Holly Cruise 22/06/2007

Rating: 2.5/5

Wherein Charlotte Hatherley follows up the spunky 'I Want You To Know' and the genuinely woozy brilliance of 'Behave' with a slightly obvious slice of indie pop. There's some nice touches in there, the way the guitars mostly take a back seat to a choir of Charlottes, all “aaaah”-ing and “oooh”-ing around the uber-Charlotte on leads vocals. But the neat touches of the earlier singles, the hypnotic riffs or spirited percussion, are lacking and the result is nice enough but could not scream “album track” any louder if it had a muted fade out ending.

Oh wait, it does have a muted fade out ending. Someone needs to have a word with uber-Charlotte and let her know that she currently occupies an interesting position in indie music, that of a one woman mission to bring all the good stuff from floaty late 1980s/early 1990s indie to the 2000s. She's capable, but we need a little more than a Lush b-side to prove this.

Released: 18/06/2007