Kubichek! - Nightjoy

Matt Harrold 12/03/2007

Rating: 3/5

"Not enough night, joy is dark music" cries Al McDonald over the chorus to Kubichek!'s latest single offering before their debut album is released (19th March folks!). It may not be as spiky or throw the same number of killer hooks as earlier singles but give 'Nightjoy' a few listens though and you'll slide into it's slightly less punk roots, discovering this underground indie hit has a drum beat that's catchier then a case of avian flu. Only without the general out right panic and much less of a chance of ending up on the great turkey bonfire in the sky. Overall it's let down by the lack of any real lyrics apart from the aforementioned chorus which seem to be used to batter the listener onto the dance floor, almost as if Kubichek! fear stretching themselves beyond their minimalist formulae. Which is a shame because rather then being an underground hit it could of burst onto the mainstream scene with equal ease if the band had a little more to say for themselves.

Released: 05/03/2007