Televised Crimewave, The Slow Blade, Phantom - Watch Chamber on Cherry Red TV

Bill Cummings 23/07/2009

Legendary punk label Cherry Red have linked up with Chamber to bring you a web programme highlighting new breaking alternative rock acts in a live environment.

Cherry Red formed in 1978 and released records by acts such as: The Runaways, the Dead kennedys, The Monochrome Set, Everything But The Girl and Felt amongst others with the desire:

"That punk had breached the existing music industry edifice but there was an opportunity for artists to follow a different creative path, not limited by what he saw as punk's self-imposed constraints".

For the acts that Chamber puts on, the hook up with Cherry Red is very exciting as it draws a direct parallel between the DIY ethos of the 1980s and what bands are doing now.

The idea is to create a programme that isn't sanitised and shows bands in a raw an intimate environment, its not top of the pops. It is representing the part of music that isnt pretty, its music at its most excitnig.

Episode one featured dark industrial post punks V.E.G.A.S. Whores who recently closed the Camden Crawl with their aftershow gig at Koko, elsewhere there is the new wave punk of Not Cool, the dark electronica of CC-SB and the post punk of Kuffar.

Episode 2 now up features: Agit pop punkers Televised Crimewave (formally Black Wire) who pulled big crowds at this years Camden Crawl and Great Escape, dark electronic rock band The Slow Blade and eerie cinematic rockers Phantom.

You can see both shows here: