The Fratellis - Ole Black ‘n’ Blue Eyes

Bruce Turnbull 05/06/2007

Rating: 3/5

Certainly pushing their debut for all its worth, Glasgow based three-piece The Fratellis are set to release their fifth track from “Costello Music” in the shape of gentle rocker “Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes” for an EP that will include three brand new cuts. Having had huge commercial success with their uproarious second single “Chelsea Dagger” and appearing on the Hot Fuzz soundtrack ripping through a cover of T Rex's “Solid Gold Easy Action”, The Fratellis are now almost ubiquitous, and with appearances at T in The park and the Isle of Wight festival this year, things are looking increasingly bright for the cheeky Scots. But am I the only one who thinks five singles is a tad excessive?

Unnecessary as it may be, “Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes” is frankly a better track than either “Whistle for the Choir” or “Baby Fratelli”; being soothing, innocuous and having more bounce than Gemma Atkinson on a quad bike. There is little here that hasn't been done a million times before, but the cool, summery chorus and uplifting recoil of the guitars spring forward in a calm, breezy fashion. You'll not exactly be humming this tune for days after initial contact, but compared to some of the other stuff out at the moment - listen up Tim Deluxe - this is pleasing for a fleeting instant, and is a least a decent contrast to the ambivalent pull of the weather this tries to emulate. Hopefully the band will now concentrate on the sophomore effort. Not like I'll be listening, anyway…

Release date: 11/06/07

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